The activities of our company ATASAA GROUP in the field of model building are mainly carried out in a project form. These are nowadays used mainly in the building sector of historical and religious buildings as well as cultural or historical heritage, which is called “boutique modeling”.

In the first phase we start from the architectural project of the building. If there are none, then every detail and aspect of the construction project will be photographed  at high Resolution and accurately measured.

If no architectural project is present, a virtual object will be created from the photos and dimensions from the actual dimensions and then adjusted to the requested scale.

In the face that follows after fitting and measuring, the necessary materials that have been cut into pieces will be merged.

The combined parts are dyed with the right color like the actual colors. The parts that assume their shape and color are merged into their final shape and placed on the scaled bottom part of the actual situation of what we call a prepared state.

In the meantime of the preparatory state, the model is built on the basis on which it will be displayed. Landscape architecture and landscape are made with ready-to-use products, and the lighting fixtures are also being prepared. Eventually it will be closed with a glass fan, depending on the demand and the state of the area to be exhibited.

The ATASAA GROUP service is not limited to this. We will remain your solution partner. Those who keep a close eye on our company and work with us will not lose but enjoy a partnership with a professional team that continues to work on innovation